Logo QR Codes a more appealing solution to print a Logo QR Code

on your Promotional Products, Business Cards or Catalogs.

Creative and more Effective!


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  • Recommended QR Code Size:

    As small as ¾ inch (19.05mm) on business cards (best 1 inch square (645.16 mm squared) or larger)

    Camera phones can properly read a 1.25 x 1.25” (31.75 mm x 31.75 mm) code.



  • Advanced Features

  • Use, Logo, Design or Photo
  • Unlimited & Free Basic Design Codes
  • 25 QR code corner shapes
  • 20 QR code corner dot shapes
  • 30 QR code body styles
  • Changeable QR code corner color
  • Changeable QR code corner dot color
  • Changeable QR code body color
  • Changeable QR code background color
  • Built-in QR scannability indicator.
  • Built-in URL shortener.
  • Re-Editable QR types
  • High resolution QR code images.
  • Individual Code $9

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  • And Lot More

  • Edit QR Code type anytime, add Logo or Photo
  • See stats of each QR code
  • Great for printing, business cards,
    promotional products, t-shirts
  • Contact us for promotional product ideas,
    like QR Code Necklace



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